New 2024 Care Bears

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    New 2024 Care Bears In Stock Now

    Our complete range of Care Bears new for 2024 brings some new vibrant personalities and familiar faces. Dive into all the latest Care Bear releases available right now, including Easter Bunnies, Squishies, Good Vibes Bear, Friends Forever Bear, and Glitter Care Bears.

    Embark on an Easter adventure with our adorable Easter Bunnies, spreading joy and cheer with every hop. These hooded Care Bears friends are perfect for celebrating the season of renewal and new beginnings.

    For those who love a little extra squish in their life, our Squishies are here to delight! Squeeze, squish, and cuddle these irresistibly soft plushies for instant stress relief and endless fun.

    Radiate positivity with Good Vibes Bear, whose sunny disposition and heartwarming smile are sure to brighten your day. Spread love, kindness, and positivity wherever you go with this cheerful companion by your side.

    Experience the magic of everlasting friendship with Friends Forever Bear, whose loyalty and warmth make her the perfect confidante. With her split best friend heart belly badge, she's a symbol of eternal camaraderie and support.

    And for a touch of sparkle and shine, look no further than our Glitter Care Bears! These dazzling darlings add a sprinkle of magic to every moment, reminding us to embrace our inner sparkle and shine brightly.

    Explore our delightful range of 2024 New Care Bears and discover your new favourite cuddly companion today!