Licensed GhostFace Scream Horror Movie Costumes

21 products

    21 products

    Terrify the town with our spine-chilling Scream Costumes and Ghostface masks, inspired by the blockbuster movies. 

    "What's your preferred spine-chilling film, I wonder?" You'd better provide an answer, or Ghostface might just become quite irate... and we're all well aware of what unfolds when Ghostface becomes incensed! Wes Craven's renowned horror film franchise, Scream, holds the title of the highest-grossing slasher film worldwide, primarily due to its unusual fusion of two seemingly incompatible elements: horror and humor!

    Who could ever forget Deputy Dewey cracking jokes amid all the pandemonium or news reporter Gayle Weathers delivering her witty one-liners? The injection of comedy, juxtaposed with the sight of a knife-wielding Ghostface dispatching unsuspecting teenagers with his trusty butcher knife, iconic mask, and, of course, voice changer, is precisely what elevated these horror classics. And let's not overlook the added thrill of deducing the identity of Ghostface, which changes with each installment.

    So, for the ultimate horror movie extravaganza, why not transform into the quintessential killer sporting the ultimate disguise: the Ghostface mask? Grab that black, tattered robe, one of our faux knife accessories, and, naturally, the iconic mask. Then, seek out your very own innocent Sydney Prescott to send shivers down their spine, and voila, you've become the fresh face of terror, keeping the mystery alive!

    At Mega Fancy Dress, we proudly offer officially licensed Scream costumes at incredibly affordable prices, and we're all about getting you your frightful attire in record time. Place your order before 4:00 pm, and you can count on fast next-day delivery that'll make your horror movie extravaganza even more thrilling! Don't miss out on the chance to become the ultimate Ghostface and keep the mystery alive at your next event.