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Star Wars Costumes

Discover our extensive collection of officially licensed Star Wars fancy dress costumes and transform into a renowned Jedi or Stormtrooper. We also stock Chewbacca and Yoda outfits not forgetting our best-selling Darth Vader costumes, we guarantee you'll find the perfect outfit for your favourite character.

Licensed Character Costumes

Shop by your favourite movies and find authentic costumes for adults and kids.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has hit the big screens, and now you have the chance to embody the famous archaeologist with our range of explorer-themed hats and costumes.

Who you gonna call?

The Ghostbusters of course! Our officially licensed costumes for adults & kids are one of our most popular themes for stag dos, Halloween and fancy dress parties.

Popular Authors

Roald Dahl Costumes

Dress up as the iconic characters of Roald Dahl's marvellous books with our range of licensed book day costumes.

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Dr Seuss Costumes

Enter the eccentric world of Dr Seuss and find mischievous Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & 2 costumes.

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David Walliams Costumes

Find licensed fancy dress costumes from the hilarious characters of David Walliams including Ratburger and Gangsta Granny.

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Step into the world of your favorite TV shows, books, and films with our captivating collection of costumes. At Mega Fancy Dress, we offer an extensive range of licensed costumes that let you become your beloved characters from the worlds of television, literature, and cinema.

TV Costumes
Our TV costumes are your ticket to immersing yourself in the heart of your most adored TV series. Whether you're a fan of fantastical epics, thrilling sci-fi adventures, or timeless sitcoms, our selection caters to every TV enthusiast. From the iconic world of Baywatch to the thrilling series of Scooby Doo we have a diverse array of genres and licenses so you can dress up and be a part of your favourite show.

Book Costumes

For book lovers, we offer costumes that bring literary classics to life. Dive into the pages of beloved novels and become your favorite characters from timeless tales. Explore the magical world of Harry Potter, step into the shoes of classic literature's heroes and heroines, or embark on a journey through fantastical realms. Our book costumes cater to both genders and all ages, ensuring that every member of your family can embody their literary heroes.

Film Costumes
Lights, camera, action! Our film costumes grant you the opportunity to step onto the silver screen as beloved characters from blockbuster movies. Whether you've ever dreamt of swinging through the city as Spider-Man, wearing the iconic cape of Superman, or patrolling the dark streets of Gotham as Batman, our licensed film costumes promise cinematic excitement. With options available for men, women, girls, and boys, you can create an ensemble worthy of the Hollywood spotlight.

From enchanting wizards to fearless superheroes and iconic literary figures, our TV, book, and film costumes let you become part of the stories you love. Whether your a man, women, girl or boy, our costumes capture the essence of these beloved characters and bring their adventures to life. Explore our diverse selection and make your next costume event a blockbuster experience!