40s & WW2 Accessories

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    Our fantastic selection of 40s & WW2 Accessories will help you embrace and relive this great era in global history. There are several sources of costume inspiration based on the events of the forties.

    First, we have World War II military accessories for both adults and children, and this is incorporated in our Soldier Helmets and Utility Bullet Belts. You can get the 40s Pin Up look made famous by Betty Grable, well known for her million-dollar legs, acting and dancing, recreate her iconic appearance with any of our blonde 40s wigs.

    You can easily re-create the events in remembrance of the brave woman who fought to defend their countries and dressing up as what is now the most iconic and instantly recognizable superhero of all time, Superman, who was first introduced during that time. We stock top quality Gas Masks and Flying Helmets for men, a great accessory perfect for adding to any of our WW2 fancy dress costumes.

    Our 1940s accessories collection holds some of the most memorable figures of this era and all at the best online prices with the fastest delivery to ensure you get what you desire just in time for your next themed party.