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    Discover the Halloween-inspired Dreadbear Grim Foxy and Jack-O-Bonnie, each exuding the eerie atmosphere of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted with their dark, twisted designs. Their detailed craftsmanship captures the spirit of the season, making them perfect for collectors seeking to add a touch of horror. Joining them is Jack-O-Chica, the pumpkin-infused counterpart that brings a glow to the shadowy corners of your shelf.

    Shift the vibe with the vibrant Tiedye Foxy, a psychedelic departure from the traditional colour schemes of the FNAF characters. This unique plush stands out with its bright, tie-dye patterns, offering a playful twist that appeals to both collectors and those looking for a softer addition to their plush family.

    For fans of the latest series entry, Security Montgomery Gator brings the rockstar attitude from "Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach" to your home. Decked out in his punk-rock attire, Monty is ready to add a dose of musical charisma to your collection.

    Amidst these FNAF staples, we also celebrate fan-inspired creations like Candy the Cat from "Five Nights at Candy's". This friendly feline plush pays tribute to the creative community that has embraced the FNAF phenomenon.

    Each licensed plush in our selection is crafted with high-quality materials and designed for durability, ensuring they remain by your side through every jump scare and joyous moment. With official licensing and fan-inspired designs, this category is a treasure trove for avid collectors and new fans alike, providing an array of characters that bring the iconic FNAF experience into your home.Our officially licensed Five Nights at Freddy's plush collection offers a curated selection of characters that encapsulate the spine-chilling yet somehow cuddly characters of the globally acclaimed FNAF universe.

    From the hauntingly reimagined animatronics of the Halloween specials to the colourful and festive holiday editions, this category offers something for every fan of the series.