1990s Costumes

20 products

    20 products

    The 1990s were best known for new games and catchy music. That's why we have the best range of 90s-inspired fancy dress costumes for both adults and kids around!

    Whether you want to dress up as the famous game characters Mario and Luigi or as a 90s rap king, we have the costumes for you! Turn heads dressed up as Freddie Mercury from the hugely popular band Queen or jump into your very own video game dressed up as Crash Bandicoot!

    Join the Spice Girls dressed up as Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Posh Spice or Scary Spice with our iconic Spice Girls fancy dress costumes, dressed up as one of these singers is sure to turn heads at your next fancy dress party! So browse the range and decide which 90s icon you want to be, with our 1990s costumes the possibilities really are endless.

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