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    24 products

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    Embark on a journey over the rainbow with our enchanting collection of Wizard of Oz costumes. This timeless tale, beloved by generations, invites you to explore the magical Land of Oz, where each character has captured the imagination with their unique traits and unforgettable journey.

    First, step into the ruby slippers of Dorothy Gale, the farm girl from Kansas who finds herself swept away into a fantastical world. Our Dorothy costumes, complete with gingham dresses and blue ribbons, are perfect for those who embody her innocence and unwavering determination.

    For those with a heart of gold, our Tin Man costumes are impeccably designed to mirror his metallic exterior and capture his quest for a heart. The silver suit and funnel cap will have you ready to dance and sing along the Yellow Brick Road.

    If it's courage you seek, our Cowardly Lion costumes are the ideal choice. With a mane as grand as his newfound bravery, you can embody the lovable lion who learns that true courage comes from within.

    Don't overlook the Scarecrow, whose desire for a brain is as endearing as his floppy attire. Our Scarecrow costumes, complete with straw accents and patched fabric, will have you embodying his clever, yet humble, spirit.

    For those who fancy a walk on the wicked side, our Wicked Witch costumes allow you to channel the iconic villainess of the West. With her pointed hat and emerald-green complexion, you'll be casting spells and cackling in no time.

    Our Wizard of Oz costumes cater to every character in this beloved story. So, gather your friends and family, and prepare to make a grand entrance into the Emerald City or your next fancy dress event, where dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.