Roald Dahl Costume Ideas

Officially Licensed Roald Dahl Costume Ideas

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Willy Wonka Costume Ideas

Willy Wonka Costumes

Matilda Costumes

Transform into the beloved bookworm Matilda with our classic blue dress for girls. A genius with a cheeky side, she uses her telekinetic powers to get revenge on Miss Trunchbull, the evil headteacher and hammer thrower. You can recreate this villainous look with our beige dress and stick on eyebrows.

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BFG Costumes

Go on dream-catching adventures with our licensed Big Friendly Giant and Sophie fancy dress character costumes. Our BFG costume includes a longhorn for sending dreams. Whether you send Golden Phizzwizards or Trogglehumpers is up to you as you recreate the friendship between this unlikely pair.

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The Twits Costumes

Mr & Mrs Twit were a miserable couple always playing pranks on each other. Our Mr Twit costume recreates the hairy beaded man with a paintbrush in hand. Mrs Twit was not much better looking, and you can recreate this couple with boys and girls Twits costumes. Make sure you complete the look with an inflatable walking stick.

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The Enormous Crocodile Costumes

The enormous crocodile was on a quest for human children to eat and you can follow the adventure of escaping the African waterways and heading to civilization. With several failed attempts to disguise himself you'll be noticed too on World Book Day in our reptilian fancy dress.

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James and the Giant Peach Costumes

James and the Giant Peach unfolds the tale of an orphaned boy journeying across the globe in a colossal peach, encountering numerous escapades. Let your young ones step into the magical world with our legendary Peach fancy dress.

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Fantastic Mr Fox

Turn into the cunning and charming Fantastic Mr Fox with our licensed collection of character costumes for adults & kids. Follow Mr Fox as he attempts to provide for his wife & family while avoiding the farmers trying to kill him. Look dapper this World Book Day in our animal fancy dress.

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