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We will next be celebrating Halloween on 31 October 2023









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Halloween Make Up & Accessories

Our list of Halloween Make-Up includes face paint, fake blood and infected zombie makeup kits and vampire fangs perfect for giving you the most gruesome finishing touches when out trick or treating.

Halloween Wigs

Top off your scary look with one of our quality Halloween wigs. Our eerie collection includes classic Vampire and Witch wigs in a range of long and short styles. You can also complete a character costume with our Evil Madame wig, Creepy Schoolgirl wig and sinister clown wig, all designed to give you a hair-raising transformation for Halloween night. Embrace the spirit of Halloween and make a statement with a hairdo that will leave everyone mesmerized and spooked.

You're a Wizard Harry

Harry Potter is one of the most popular wizards ever, making all of the characters who have walked the halls of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry an incredibly popular choice for Halloween.

Scream Costumes

Scream VI may have been released in March but the fear of GhostFace live on this October as you don the iconic black robe and mask with bloodstained knife in hand. Our Scream costumes are officially licensed for adults & kids all for a great price too. Licensed GhostFace masks are also sold individually.

Men's Halloween Costumes

With our stock of spine-tingling accessories and famous character costumes such as Dracula, Beetlejuice or Jigsaw, you are bound to have your perfect costume simply jump out at you!

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Ladies Halloween Costumes

We have an extensive range of Halloween costume accessories perfect for adding the finishing touches: Gorgeous Halloween Wigs, Witches brooms, facepaint, knives & swords.

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Kids Halloween Costumes

Go trick or treating and be sure to scare everyone this Halloween in our kids Halloween fancy dress, including zombie schoolboy & schoolgirl fancy dress, creepy clowns and more.

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Embrace the Haunting Allure of Mega Fancy Dress for Your Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and the time to conjure up the perfect costume is now. Whether you're aiming to send shivers down spines, tickle funny bones, or simply look enchantingly captivating, Mega Fancy Dress has you covered with an extensive range of costumes and accessories for every age and gender. Get ready to immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere as we unveil the spellbinding offerings that await you.

A Glimpse of Halloween Delights for Men:

For the gents, Halloween opens up a realm of possibilities. Whether you're aiming to resurrect classic horror icons or channel your inner superhero, our Men's Halloween Costumes collection has something for every taste. From the eerie elegance of Dracula to the zany chaos of Beetlejuice, our range will have your perfect costume ready to leap out and embrace you. Explore our Men's Halloween Costumes section and step into the shoes of iconic characters that will bring your Halloween night to life.

Enchanting Elegance for Ladies:

Ladies, prepare to be bewitched by our exquisite selection of Ladies Halloween Costumes. Complete your look with our extensive array of accessories, including Halloween wigs, witch's brooms, and a variety of props that will add the finishing touches to your ensemble. Whatever your style – be it a wicked witch or a glamorous vampire – we have the accessories to elevate your look to hauntingly elegant heights.

Spooky Adventures for Kids:

The heart of Halloween lies in the thrill of trick-or-treating and spooky fun for kids. Our Kids Halloween Costumes collection will ensure that your little ones steal the spotlight at every Halloween gathering. From creepy clowns to zombie schoolboy and schoolgirl attire, your child's imagination is the only limit. Explore our range and watch as your kids embrace the eerie atmosphere with glee.

Dive into Thematic Delights:

Venture into the heart of our thematic collections to unearth your perfect Halloween look. Take a trip to the darkly enchanting realm of Fairytale Halloween with characters twisted in delightful ways, or explore Halloween Movie Costumes inspired by your favorite films. For those embracing the macabre, our Skeleton Costumes, Clown & Jester Costumes, Zombie Costumes, and Ghost & Ghoul Costumes collections await. Not to be missed is our Grim Reaper Costumes collection that will give you an aura of otherworldly mystery. For a touch of devilish charm, our Devil Costumes collection has the perfect ensemble for you. Finally, embrace the supernatural with our Witch & Wizard Costumes that capture the essence of Halloween magic.

Revamp Your Style with Spooktacular Embellishments

Elevate your Halloween ensemble with our Scarecrow Deluxe Werewolf Fangs, designed to add a striking touch to your character. These fangs, available in striking white, offer a realistic look and comfortable fit. Tailor your fangs to match your werewolf character flawlessly, and be ready to leave everyone howling with amazement. Worried about last-minute preparations? Our next-day delivery option ensures you'll have everything you need just in time for Halloween night.

Discover new ideas and reinvent your style

Still seeking Halloween costume inspiration? Look no further! With our vast selection, finding your ideal Halloween ensemble has never been easier. Browse our curated themes to uncover the perfect costume, from the eerie elegance of the Fairytale Halloween collection to our hilarious novelty options like the Piggy Back Killer Clown and 'cereal' killer costume. Be sure to explore our Halloween Movie Costumes collection for the latest sinister additions inspired by M3gan and Wednesday on Netflix.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Halloween with an opulent dress-up

Whether you're crafting a spooky look for yourself, your partner, or the little ones, Mega Fancy Dress is your one-stop destination for Halloween magic. Explore our collections, personalize your ensemble with unique accessories, and get ready to make a hauntingly unforgettable entrance. Embrace the spirit of Halloween and dive into the enchantment that awaits you.

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