Fangs & Teeth

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    Sink your teeth into our superb collection of fancy dress Fangs and Teeth. Our extensive selection of pearly whites will complete your Vampire, Zombie or Avatar costume. With the ever-growing success of Vampire movies, fangs & teeth have become hugely popular within the fancy dress industry; here we have some of the finest prosthetic teeth to have your partying away in style without the worry of your teeth falling out! We hold so many fangs & teeth that even the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to cope!

    Why not consider adding a set of blood-suckingly good Dracula fangs to your Halloween costume and make an instantly recognizable appearance this 31st of October? Maybe our glow-in-the-dark gnashers are the perfect unique accessory for your spooky transformation!

    Our gruesomely good selection of fangs & teeth is great for adding to any Halloween costume, especially Werewolves and Vampires. Take a bite into this fantastic collection and make sure your fancy dress outfit is one to remember regardless of the occasion.