60s & 70s Accessories

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    Head back to the swinging sixties and the disco dancing 70s with our totally groovy collection of 60s & 70s costume accessories. We are here to help you recreate just the look you need by providing you with a collection of some of our best accessories.

    We stock a wide range of accessories that symbolise everything good you remember about the 60s and 70s, from heart-shaped glasses to flower headscarves.

    You can bring the swinging sixties back to life with our 60s bowl wig, perfect for finishing a Beatles fancy dress costume, or maybe you've chosen to recreate the peace and love look of a hippy. In that case, our tinted glasses and peace necklaces are exactly what you're looking for.

    We have everything perfect for bringing that retro look to any costume, so get ready to get groovy with our fantastic selection of 60s & 70s accessories.