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    85 products

    Women's World Book Day Costumes

    Browse our imaginative women's World Book Day costumes, where the pages of beloved stories come to life. These costumes are a celebration of iconic literary characters and a way for women to express their love for timeless tales and adventures.

    Our Harry Potter-themed costumes offer a magical experience, perfect for fans of the renowned series. Women can dress as Hermione Granger, donning her Gryffindor robe and wielding a wand, or as other beloved characters from the series. These costumes capture the spirit of Hogwarts and its enchanting world, making them ideal for book-themed events or parties.

    Alice in Wonderland costumes transport wearers to a topsy-turvy world. Women can step into Alice's shoes with a blue dress and white apron, or perhaps choose to embody  the regal Queen of Hearts. These fairytale costumes are perfect for capturing the fantasy of Lewis Carroll's classic.

    Red Riding Hood costumes bring to life the classic fairy tale character. The signature red cloak and basket make for a simple yet instantly recognizable outfit. Women can embrace the innocence and charm of Red Riding Hood, or perhaps add a twist to the character for a more modern interpretation. This costume is ideal for World Book Day celebrations, offering a blend of nostalgia and storytelling.

    In summary, women's World Book Day costumes like Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and Red Riding Hood provide a fun and creative way to celebrate beloved literary characters. They allow women to immerse themselves in different worlds, bringing the magic of these stories into real life for world book day events and celebrations.